Suits & Sneakers

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Mosaïek Teatro, Fairland, South Africa
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Suits & Sneakers is a “human development” event aimed at every living, breathing human being in South Africa and was created to disrupt the mundane thinking that comes with the routine of life! 

There will be FIVE speakers on this particular night who present excellent content with an emphasis on masterful story telling. Our audience must be gripped from start to finish. There is no place to simply regurgitate the words from a PowerPoint presentation. Each speaker has between 20-30 minutes to share an impactful mentality!

Gareth Cliff 
Mark Sham 
Brent Lindeque 
Mike Sham
(Our final speaker will be announced shortly)

After our speakers are finished, attendees will have the chance to spend the last part of the evening networking with fellow attendees. This will be done with some structure via network pods.

A network pod will consist of a facilitator and between 5-9 attendees. Each person will have a minute to explain who they are and what they do. Attendees can participate in one or more network pods but they rule may not stay at the same network pod. This forces attendees to network with different people each time. Network pods will pause for five minutes after they are done and then start again.

If you have meet someone interesting at a network pod, you might wanna skip the next session and approach that person to learn more about them. You could skip all the network pods in the first place and simply chat to some people you know. The choice is yours.


Mosaïek Teatro
1 Danielle Street
South Africa